I am a down to earth, homeschooling mother of two, trying to keep it real. Some of the thing20160718_181738s that make me happy are spending time with my family, going to the beach, reading, backyard birding, beautiful plants, exploring new places, and ice cream.

Along with reading, I enjoy finding, creating and doing tie-in activities that promotes learning in a more meaningful way. After consuming many books and many ideas, I felt I should try to produce something worthwhile. I created this site, not only to document some of the books and accompanying activities my kids and I have read/done, but to share ideas as well. My hope is to inspire others to want to read and learn with their kids.

Now, I will say, we have not tried every single activity suggested or every single variation of the activities suggested. My kids were not interested in trying some of the activities, but yours might be, so I’ve included them. Please feel free to chime in via the comment sections with your own learning activity ideas inspired by the books you have read.

Please also note that there may be affiliate links within my posts. I recommend using the public library as the first choice to find great books. Definitely don’t forget to browse your local li20151125_143104brary on Overdrive for access to audio books and ebooks. But if the library leaves you empty handed or you simply must own a copy because it is just that good, I recommend buying used copies on Amazon. Their used selection is top notch and the prices are usually very reasonable.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find something useful or inspiring.