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The Toothpaste Millionaire

This book, by Jean Merrill, is a good choice when you are look for a quick read as opposed to starting another series or a longer book. It’s a cute story that inspires kids to want to start their own business.

Learning Activities

Make Toothpaste

We couldn’t wait to get making our own toothpaste after finishing this book. There are tons of diy toothpaste recipes floating around the internet. Some of them call of ingredients that we did not have at home so we passed on them. We ended up using a recipe with a coconut oil base. It certainly was different from the stuff you buy at the store. My kids thought it was disgusting and wouldn’t use it. I didn’t like it because it left an oily residue on my toothbrush and I questioned the cleanliness of that practice after a week or two of use.

You could spend some time researching ingredients used in toothpaste. Is homemade better than store-bought? Are all store bought toothpastes created equal as far as the ingredients are concerned?

This was an interesting read

Make Elephant Toothpaste

This is an easy and awesome science experiment you can do with your kids. You can find the hydrogen peroxide needed for the experiment at a beauty supply store.


Dental Hygiene and Anatomy of the Mouth

Now’s a good time to talk about dental hygiene. I think it’s fair to say that the a lot of kids already know that they are supposed to brush their pearly whites. But do they know that they should be brushing their tongues too?

If you happen to have a subscription to you could check out this little video on Teeth.

Start a Business

My kids are always trying to come up with ways to make money. There was the time they wanted to start a neighborhood smoothie shop, a healthy popsicle shop, a bakery,  a pancake breakfast restaurant and even a bug pet store. My daughter actually got really motivated a couple of years ago decided to try her own spa business. It didn’t last more than a couple of days but it was a great learning activity. Initially all she could talk about was how fun it would be and how much money she was going to make. We were able to talk about how much money she would need to invest in products and supplies for her spa. We discussed advertising, the target audience and how much to charge for products and services. She even hired her brother to run the front desk. In the end she learned that it takes a lot of money to start-up a business, it’s hard to build a client base and the initial return wasn’t as good as she’d dreamed it would be. But we all had a great time in the process.20140630_114303


Here are a few links on the topic…


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