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Why I Love Read Alouds

There are few things I love more than curling up with my kids and reading a great story. It all started when they were very young. We made a nightly habit of snuggling up at bedtime and reading stories. Nowadays we spend more time reading during the daytime hours. We listen to a lot of audio books while driving to an activity or running errands. I read to them when we’re sitting at the table eating breakfast or while they are drawing or something like that. Reading aloud is an important part of our daily routine.

10 Things I Love About Read Alouds

  1. They’re a great way to spend time together.
  2. Improve vocabulary.
  3. Get the imagination working.
  4. Pique interest and can be a gateway to learning about history, geography, biology, etc.
  5. Evoke emotions.
  6. Start conversations.
  7. Showcase the English language (A great thing for those of us who were not blessed with the gift of writing).
  8. Inspire creativity.
  9. May cause kids to love books.
  10. Reading them makes me happy 🙂

Read a story to your kids today and see if you don’t love it too!



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